Plastic Beauty: What Is It?
Plastic Beauty is the "American" aesthetic. Spanish speakers refer to us as "estadounidenses," a term that I would like to transliterate to mean "United Statesian." I do realize this is a non-existent word, but considering the fact that I have a world wide audience viewing my project, I would like to refrain from including my fellow North and South Americans in this aesthetic. My aesthetic is unique to the United States of America in that we are a race of superficial egomaniacs -- or so it can be perceived -- and are unlike even our neighbors, Canada and Mexico.
Now that we have cleared up this concern with "American," I will explain the name Plastic Beauty. First of all, the Japanese coined the term "Wabi-Sabi." Just as they have taken two words to mean one thing, so shall I. I took the term plastic from plastic surgery; in many instances of slang in United Statesian English, people refer to a plastic surgery recipient as to being full of plastic. The term plastic can also be used to mean fake in United Statesian English. We, for the most part, have our media decide for us what is "beautiful" and what is not. Although this seems rather vapid, many residents of this country attempt to follow these standards set forth for them by which celebrities happen to be the flavor of the month.
Join me as I absolutely shamelessly show you what sort of a society we have become in the United States of America...