One o'clock PM, Monday afternoon.
"I'm, like, soooooo hungry!!!" whined Flash in his usual, effeminate tone.
Sissy stood up, stretched her legs for a few seconds, and responded, "Go have some of my food in the room. It's delicious."
Down from the chair bounded Flash, striding happily towards the front bathroom where Sissy lived. "Oh my gosh, food!" Mac rolled over, muttering and grumbling under his breath. Oh shut up, you little brat, thought Mac to himself. He did tire of Flash's incessant whining quite quickly.
Otis stared hungrily into the fish tank, eyeing each flickering fish swimming through the waters like a taste treat.
"When's that darn sushi chef supposed to show up for work?" queried Otis, licking his chubby jowls. "I think I'd like to try that red and blue striped fish over there."
"Um, Otis, like, I don't think we have, like, a sushi chef here!" snapped Flash, emerging from the room with crumbs around his mouth.
"Oh dear me, Otis you can help yourself to some of my food if you're hungry," offered Sissy, lightening the mood.
"Thanks, Sissy!" exclaimed Otis, trotting towards the now vacated bathroom.